Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm just sayin', I was raised a country boy...

I'm just sayin', I was raised a country boy with pretty much nothing but what we absolutely needed.  All of my relatives down at our little farm worked pretty hard at whatever jobs they could and never really made much money.  We were honest and didn't really think it was right to take from others what they didn't want to give.  Guess we was pretty poor, but I never knew that.

Now, today, it seems that everybody figures it different from then.  Them democrats take a lot of what I earn and give it to others what don't earn.  When they is not doing that, they seem bent on invitin' in foreigners that don't much mind takin' what ain't theirs to begin with.  On top of all that this Obama feller just seems a little too stupid to me, and he sure is making enemies of our long time friends.  One thing is for sure, I don't think he's heard of the Constitution or elsewise don't know how to read it.  He may have some sort of proof he is an actual American, but he sure don't act like it.  Kinda like he's ashamed to be acknowleged as one, except, of course to get its benefits.  A little too cocky and crowing a bit too much if you ask me.  Well, that makes him like too many folks today.

Pretty sure I need to be invitin' 'em down to the farm and see how it is we do the other chickens that be gettin' too cocky.  Here, chick, chick...

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