Friday, April 4, 2014

Repeal It Now (Some Idiots On The Right)

“So here's ObamaCare's version of freedom: You are required to buy expensive insurance that excludes doctors and hospitals but now that the March 31st deadline has passed you won't be able to buy health insurance at any cost until next November. That's right. Insurers now have a perverse government-run healthcare incentive not to sell any coverage until November. There are exceptions like losing a job but outside those exceptions--forget about it. So we have to buy what the government says, when the government says and can't buy what we want with our own money. This is the destructive, upside down world of liberals who think they know best. Until November, they've forced it on us.”


Well, shucks.  I sure as shootin’ don’t understand what all the belly-achin’s about.  As I read the Administration’s logic and hear the oft-stated parental love for us hard-working American people, it is all crystal clear that it’s for our own good.  Let the man have a free hand to do what he wants and needs to do for us.  That doggone Constitutional thingy is getting in the way of his caring for us, his children.  Shush, now.

Down here on the farm, we care for our animals and they don't got no laws protectin' them from us harming them.  They are treated right nicely until the annual slaughter time. We always do the right thing.